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Haproxy installation and port forwarding configuration

    haproxy is a powerful, flexible and useful reverse proxy software, provides high availability, load balancing, back-end server proxy features, it is very powerful in layer 7 load balancing (support for cookie track, header rewrite, etc.), support for dual machine hot standby, support for virtual hosts, has a very good server health check function. It also provides an intuitive monitoring page that allows you to clearly monitor the service cluster in real time.

I'll just talk about how to configure port forwarding, first install haproxy

yum -y install haproxy

and then empty the haproxy.cfg file of its contents.

> /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg

Then write the following to the haproxy.cfg file

ulimit-n  51200
log global
mode    tcp
option  dontlognull
timeout connect 1000ms
timeout client 150000ms
timeout server 150000ms
listen status
mode http
log global
stats refresh 30s
stats uri /admin?stats
stats realm Private lands
stats auth admin:password
stats hide-version
frontend ssin
bind *:1000-2000
default_backend ssout
backend ssout
server server1 maxconn 204800

Explanation: bind *:1000-2000 Here means port 1000-2000, is the IP of the server to be forwarded.
Then start the haproxy service.

service haproxy start

Finally don't forget to open up the forwarding ports in your server firewall policy.