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Linux Apache server URLs are case-sensitive

The Linux server is case-sensitive and sometimes very inconvenient, in the address bar must enter the exact URL to access, not very friendly to search engines and users, so how to solve the case of the LINUX server URL, today we encountered a synchronous problem, when you enter the URL in the browser address bar, must be case-sensitive to access the page, the web server is Linux + Apache, the main reason for this phenomenon is the lack of speling module, so as long as the corresponding system can be loaded.

1, check whether the system has a module, path: /etc/httpd/modules; if so, just pass, do not download one from elsewhere to use.

2, Load this module

vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

In the module loading area, add the following line.

LoadModule speling_module modules/
CheckSpelling on

Save the changes, exit, restart Apache, enter the URL again, and this time you can access it normally regardless of case.